Friday, 14 June 2013

The sin of coffee

Got ya! Another day in paradise. Paradise is becoming my own ghost town.

If you wanted to hear how bad coffee is for you, visit

I love coffee. I love coffee with a bit of whiskey even more.

Sometimes (most days) my dear kids make me a coffee.

It is better so, cause tonight I ventured to the kitchen to make coffee. The googly-kitchen-monster attacked me. Well, I will brave the B every day for more coffee.

I don't give a shit.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ghost town just lowered its standards

Yes, it is official. The ghost town lowered its standards. A despicable place is now even more despicable. I just returned from a visit to the ghost town. What I found was surprisingly what I expected - just a little bit more.

We can not blame the entire despicable-ness on the people. The weather is horrible. The place is horrible. The people is horrible and the music is horrible. Waking up in the morning is not a pleasure there. Being at coastal level helps a bit with a noticeable higher air pressure. Add to that the high humidity and you are guaranteed a headache. Even as you wake up. No wonder the people on this place are so freaky grumpy.

Before I go on, let me say that 80% of the people in the ghost town are really great. the majority were really happy to see me again and came over from wherever they were just to say hello.

Then there are the ghost people. Officially I do declare them to be the world's most despicable human beings. Yes, they can be found right there in the ghost town. Just being in the ghost town, surrounded by these cockroaches is guaranteed to make life a continuous hell. I am observing perfectly normal people getting more despicable every day they spend in that place. Anybody is sure to become despicable after only two years spending time amongst such despicable bunch of misfits.

The naturals here display tendencies to self destruction by smell. Horrible human beings that would not only trip old ladies on the sidewalk, but also brag about it when the old lady trips and falls into uncoming traffic. The main purpose of life is not self improvement. It is to maintain and expand the wasteful and despicable culture. To live here is emotionally expensive, as all despicable people continuously drains you from your emotional energy. Very ghostly.

Then to make you feel even worse, there is this East ghost radio. The music they play is simply awasme to add to the whole atmosphere. Last morning I switched on the radio and listened to a song called Take me to my secret place.

Now really. Let me try to take this in.

Translated to Drown me in my own vagina.

That is creepy.

This was followed by an even worse Look underneath your beautiful.

Aaaawee! Crappy!

What do you expect to find there? Little dung-bells?

These ghost DJs with deceivingly nice voices, were going on about if they had to take only one song to Mars, this would be it. Yeah, right. Mars is about halfway to the sun. Temperature would be on average same as the ghost town. I can imagine why you would want to go there. But then. Getting out of this crap town is the most important. No matter where, it would be better than there.

Do not knock this place. Our president comes from the province surrounding this ghost town. Ok. That explains a lot about why this country is going down the drain so fast.

This experience in the ghost town gave birth to another new song. Look out for it. It will be all about cockroaches struggling to escape from a tin of hot wax.


Thursday, 28 March 2013

Respect other and you shalt be respected

Something that irritates me endlessly is when people want to tell others what to do and try to force their views down the throat of millions.

Religion is the most guilty. Who gives some pervert priest the right to complain against the viewing of any television program? Religious people succeeded to ban porn TV, while there are at least 10 TV channels preaching their poison.

Not that I care about porn TV (there is an internet;) but what the hell do they think gives them the right to even complain.

What sparked this post was an even worse act of stupidity from some people who complained about an advert on TV where a dog licks the ice cream of a little boy. Whoa. Now this is horrible. Dogs licking ice cream may lead to the murder of, erm..... Nobody?

The friendly acts of religion is well documented. The crusaders murdered nations and some civilizations today are lost in the name of some false god. We see people being accused of witchcraft and murdered even today. In Marikana there were people selling muti (magical herbs) to people leading them to believe that their ancestors will make them invincible, leading to the death of more than 30 people. Who remembers 911?

These are just a few examples of religious cruelty. Next time you you post a religious message on facebook, please keep in mind what you are propagating. Do not expect me to respect you.

Respect me by keeping your shit to yourself and I will respect you.

Shut up and stick to killing your neighbor.


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cape Town, here I come

I will be in Cape Town for the next 2 days. Nation Dealer Awards.

When looking for a pretty picture of Cape Town to add to this post I realized such a thing does not exist.

My ability to notice beauty must be clouded. My idea of beauty is surely different from the rest. What I noticed about photos of Cape Town, is that almost all the photos on google is about, wait for it, yes, the Cape Town stadium at Green point. I had to search for a photo that does not have that ugly blob in the middle, and this one is of the harbor. Not exactly beautiful.

I realized my idea of beauty is clouded by my experience. Beauty for me is natural. A desert scene is beautiful. Somehow a sea s not beautiful. Reminds my of the Ghost Town.

More important to me is a beautiful experience and not a beautiful scene. Sitting for 2 hours talking to Anne about writing songs is my idea of a beautiful experience. Listening to a group of people singing a song I wrote is my idea of beauty. A big office with pictures against the wall is not beautiful.


Monday, 4 March 2013

Find a topic for your blog (Wtf?)

Currently reading: Problogger by Darren Rowese and Chris Garrett


I am only starting out on this book. Great book so far, so please take my post here not as a criticism on the book as a whole, but rather a Wtf on society in general. Go buy the book. Go green and buy the e version, even though amazon rip us all off by charging more for the e version than the paper copy (another pet peeve of mine, but we'll save that for later).


Getting to chapter 2. This chapter is all about finding a topic for your blog. Our learned authors go through a fair bit of detail on how to decide to blog first and then how to decide what to blog about.


Am I the only one who sees the problem here? Why are you blogging if you do not know what you want to blog about in the first place? If you do not have a topic to blog about, you should not even be thinking about blogging. Geez.


The book starts off by telling you how to make money blogging. the good news is they say that blogging takes a lot of time to make money. No get rich quick like Justin Bieber schemes here. Then they go into a lot of detail about finding a topic that you are interested in. Really? Are there people out there actually blogging about topics they have no interest in?


Well, these guys are serious bloggers and are obvious authorities on the subject of blogging, and I'd guess life in general. When they say it is how things happen, I am inclined to believe them. So, yeah, there are actually a lot of people out there blogging about things they have absolutely zero interest in, just with the hope of becommng rich and famous. Blogging for the sake of blogging. Flying the flag for all of us. Soldiers in the ditches.


OK. Maybe it is just me, but this is exactly why there are so many pointless blogs about absolutely nothing important (yeah, like this one) on the internet blogging about things they, or anybody else, have zero interest in.


Truth to be said. I started this blog as an alternative to my real important blog about something useful on advice from these guys. This way I can post any useless stuff here and not cloud my really useful blog. So, I started blogging about something I was really interested in, then read a book, and then decided I need a blog about absolutely nothing.